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What is a Cybersecurity Specialist? 

Cybersecurity specialists work with organizations to keep their Computers & Networks information systems secure. They determine who requires access to which information, and then plan, coordinate and implement information security programs.

 Computers have become mandatory to run a successful businesses. It is not enough to have isolated computers systems; they need to be networked to facilitate communication with external businesses. This exposes them to the outside world and hacking. Hacking means using computers to commit fraudulent acts such as fraud, privacy invasion, stealing corporate/personal data, etc. Cyber crimes cost many organizations millions of dollars every year. Businesses need to protect themselves against such attacks. 

What is a Digital Forensic Expert?

As the name implies, forensic computer investigators and digital forensic experts reconstruct and analyze digital information to aid in investigations and solve computer-related crimes. They look into incidents of hacking, trace sources.

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